IMAGES. When taking pictures I am scanning the world. I want to get an idea of It and of myself. Visualizing what I have found. Both makes me alert. It can happen on the spur of a moment. That blink of an eye could mean the birth of an image. He says: The most important thing is what the eyes are doing when seeing. But this is not dictated by the eyes.
My wandering eye, the eye of the camera and the consciousness behind both, all working together to create an inexplicable coexistence. There is no resemblance in seeing. I have to accept new results, pictures never seen before. When looking around, I am searching for oneness. Images surround me wherever I am. Microcosmic fragments of the creation. Appearing on the camera’s display. Sometimes the urge: Do it!

LYRICS. I don‘t have searched the word. There were moments where words came to me from an unknown source. And the inner voice said: write them down. So a collection of notes came into existence. Years later the question: what can take place with them? Write a book, my son said. Three books were the first outcome. Since this time words are my escort and open me up for the secrets of word and speech. Out of points of time words were blowing, expecting that I, that we, can detect their messages. Words from light genesis. Placed between the pages of the seekers life. ma me mi mo mu ra ra

The EDITION ACHTUNDGRUEN is founded in 2010 by JOERG FRIKKE to indicate own lyrics and images in the form of books or small series of prints. The number of copies published ranges between 10 and 50. Except as noted otherwise JF is the author of all words and images and the creator of the books whole appearance.

JOERG FRIKKE studied visual arts and humanities. He realized his way of seeing through exhibitions, installations, performances, lectures, poetry and books. In Germany, Italy, Switzerland. Since 2013 he lives in the Netherlands. Here he is editing books with own lyrics and images.

All his poetry books are included in the library of STIFTUNG LYRIK KABINETT MÜNCHEN, one of the best renowned collection of international poetry.

Some of his books are taken over by the HERZOG AUGUST BIBLIOTHEK into their section ARS LIBRORUM, including outstanding book-design. The Library is situated in Wolfenbüttel/Germany and is one of the world’s leading research for cultural history.

The Royal Library of the Netherlands (national library) has incorporated all his books into her collection of modern, unique manufactured books.